Last, Tuesday was a busy day for CALCASA-supported legislation in both the Senate and Assembly Public Safety Committees as well as the Senate Judiciary Committee. With CALCASA support, four bills passed committee last week.
Below is a brief summary of the bills:

SB 1356 (Yee) seeks to prevent the incarceration of domestic violence victims who refuse to testify in court on the grounds of protecting their safety. Under current law, a domestic violence victim can be held in contempt of court and be incarcerated by a judge for refusing to testify against her batterer. The final vote count was 5 ayes and 1 no.
AB 2960 (La Malfa – Custody orders: evidence of sexual abuse) would automatically deny ex parte custody changes when requester is alleged to have sexually abused the child.
SB 129 (Kuehl – Criminal communications) updates current harassment statutes to include technologies such as cellular communications.
Finally, AB 996 (Spitzer) seeks to amend privacy statues for DMV records.