The FBI announced this week the arrest of more “than 300 members of prostitution operations and removed 21 juveniles from sex-selling rings,” in a series of raids. FBI Director Robert Mueller said:

Our top priority in these cases has always been to identify child victims and move swiftly to remove them from these dangerous environments.
In the five years since the establishment of the Innocence Lost initiative, the FBI and state and local law enforcement have rescued more than 400 child victims. Unfortunately though, our workload will not slow down after today, as there will be more victims and more criminals who profit by selling our children. We must continue to pursue those who exploit our nation’s children.

Raids were conducted nationwide in 16 cities and counties. Those locations included: Los Angeles, Sacramento and Oakland, California; Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada; Phoenix, Arizona; Houston and Dallas, Texas; Detroit, Michigan; Toledo, Ohio; Boston, Massachusetts; Washington; Montgomery County, Maryland; Atlanta, Georgia; and Miami and Tampa, Florida.