Womens eNews recently posted an article about Rep. Loretta Sanchez and her fight to maintain funding for anti-violence programs. Some of the topics discussed in the article include the Violence Against Women Act, funding for social service programs and ongoing wars.

WASHINGTON (WOMENSENEWS)–Loretta Sanchez, a Democrat from California who is one of Congress’ staunchest anti-violence advocates, heads into the next session with her mind on money.
Money, that is, for the Violence Against Women Act, which sets aside federal dollars to prevent violence, prosecute offenders and treat victims. Lawmakers have not yet agreed on funding levels for fiscal 2009 but will likely do so early this year.
Sanchez predicted lawmakers will come under pressure to cut funding due to the effects of the credit crisis and ailing economy.
“The reality is, with these bailouts. . . we’re spending money that we don’t have, which means there will be an even bigger impact on discretionary funds that Congress will see next year,” she said.
But she hopes Vice President-elect Joe Biden, who has championed domestic violence programs in the Senate, will use his new influence in the White House to persuade lawmakers to “at least hold the line” on spending. Continue reading by clicking here.