Lita Mercado, CALCASA Council Chair

Lita Mercado, CALCASA Council Chair & CSP - Supervisor of Admin. Services

Lita Mercado writes:  
On December 1, 2009, the CALCASA Board and Council approved a CALCASA “Statement of Philosophy and Values”.   This labor of love began over two years ago in an effort to articulate what members of CALCASA believe in and stand for. 
Members of CALCASA’s North Region were responsible for the original draft which was extended and modified prior to being sent out to the entire field via Cacus Chairs and Region Representatives.  Collecting the philosophy and values that members of the anti-rape movement hold dear and turning them into one concise document was quite a task.  Fearing that something would be unintentionally excluded and pondering whether or not key terms should be defined where challenges discussed by the Board and Council Committee assigned to this very important task.  With care and thoroughness the document emerged from the many voices who spoke to it.  With the expansion of membership, what great timing for this work to be available to help potential members understand what an amazing organization they may be joining.  It has been my great pleasure to be a part of the process. 
To access the document, please click below.  
Statement of Philosophy and Values