I have never heard the women in my family talk about Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM).  The only time the conversation is forthcoming regarding sexual violence issues is when they want to know my opinion on a sexual assault incident that has made local or national headlines.  I have never heard SAAM mentioned at the neighborhood barber shop where getting a hair cut includes an open dialogue on current events as it relates to black people.  I did not hear anything about SAAM at Wednesday night bible study or Sunday morning worship service.  Is SAAM not being discussed in the African American community because it is not a “Black Issue” or has appropriate outreach not been done to impress upon a community of its importance?

April is Sexual Assault Awareness month and there are many neighborhoods in which community events are being eagerly anticipated.  While there are still many communities where the message needs to be echoed and embraced; not because the community is more prone to violence but because the message has not been communicated effectively and appropriately.  If you have ways to promote SAAM in communities of color, please share your ideas in the comment box below.
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