Anna Caballero

Yesterday, the CA State Senate confirmed Gov. Jerry Brown’s nominee to a key cabinet position. Senators voted 34-0 to confirm Anna Caballero as head of the State and Consumer Services Agency. The agency oversees a wide range of government functions, including tax collection, state hiring and contracting, professional licensing and managing state property.
As secretary, she will be the chair of the Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board. CALCASA has worked collaboratively with this Board in order to provide essential services to victims of crime in California. Executive Director Sandra Henriquez said she is looking forward to continuing this relationship under Ms. Caballero’s leadership.
“CALCASA would like to congratulate Ms. Caballero on her new position,” Henriquez said. “It is exciting to see another person confirmed for this position who has the experience and passion to support victims of crime.”
CALCASA is currently working with CalVCP to secure the long-term stability of the Restitution Fund, which supports survivors’ recovery needs. The state restitution fund is the payer of last resort for crime victims.