What should an organization look for when hiring prevention staff?  What support do prevention practitioners need?  What do preventionists need to know?  The National Sexual Violence Resource Center helps to answer these questions with their new prevention resource packet, The Perfect Shade of Change: Resources for Sexual Violence Preventionists Creating Safe and Healthy Communities
The packet covers five areas:

  • Core competencies for sexual violence prevention practitioners
  • Qualities and abilities of effective and confident prevention practitioners
  • Guidance for hiring, training, and supporting community prevention practitioners
  • Sample job description
  • Strategies for integrating prevention into organizational operations

Together with NSVRC, PreventConnect is offering a series of three web conferences to discuss the content of the packets.   The first session, Core Competencies and Abilities of Preventionists, will take place on Tuesday, August 14th at 11am PST.  Register here.
These resources come together in one easy to digest, well-organized, clear packet.  They work together to build a quality and consistent world of sexual violence prevention.  I’m pleased that the movement is ready to agree on issues like core competencies for prevention.  As I read the packet, I imagine organizational leadership breathing a sigh of relief.  Not only does this packet serve the people doing prevention work, but it also helps build prevention into our organizations in an intentional way, focused on quality and consistency.
I encourage you all to read and use this new resource and attend the web conference on August 14th.