On Wednesday, over 145 Executive Directors, Program Managers, and Prevention Educators met to discuss ways in which primary prevention could be better integrated throughout the framework of their agencies. CALCASA based this training off of the assessment that each of the 63 centers completed earlier in the summer, which helped us to gain a greater understanding of where and how primary prevention fit into the scope of agency services. We learned that RPE grantees across the state are having varied experiences with integration and have a wealth of knowledge to share with us and their peers!
Some of my favorite moments from the day:

Clare Mounteer’s vision of a world without violence, a place where youth have no understanding of what rape is and why we ever needed rape crisis centers.
Candy Stallings challenging us to “pay attention at all costs” by not wearing shoes during her presentation.
Chad reminding us that you need to have actual logic in your logic model, and that putting a list into a rectangular box isn’t the same thing.
Leona recalling her experiences working with youth, and how we have to nurture young members of our movement to keep them interested and involved.
David addressing how primary prevention is integral to the success of our movement to end sexual violence.

What were some of your favorite moments? Please share in the comments section below!
Over the course of our one-day conference, we had peer learning sessions facilitated by both rape crisis center Executive Directors and Program Managers. We’d like to thank Larry McAdara from Riverside Area Rape Crisis Center, Candy Stallings from San Bernardino Sexual Assault Services, Beth Hassett from WEAVE, Inc, Daniela Bravo from Verity, Caedy Minoletti from Shasta Women’s Refuge, and Sue Barnes from the YWCA of Silicon Valley for providing such fantastic presentations on the strategies and tools they have used to increase the integration of primary prevention in their agencies.
Here are the resources from our event:
Primary Prevention Integration Meeting slides in their entirety!
Primary Prevention: The Basics
Notes from our speakers:
Candy from SBSAS on board support
Larry from RARCC on ED leadership
The WHY of Social Media from Ashley Maier
Using Youth as Volunteers from Leona Smith Di Faustino
From the Missouri Coalition Against Sexual Assault: Embracing Prevention as Social Change- How to Build Organizational Capacity for Prevention
Additional background information:
NSVRC 2012 Perfect Shade of Change: Core competencies for prevention educators
As always, please reach out to CALCASA staff if we can help support your work in any way!