Recent statements made by politicians have launched a discussion about rape in to the political arena.  With democrats and republicans weighing in on the impact of rape on its victims, the time is here to urge Congressional leaders to reaffirm a national commitment to end violence against women. Victims and the advocates that serve them have been forced to anxiously await word that a bipartisan agreement has been reached, even as our Congressional Leaders went out on summer break.  If Congress does not reauthorize VAWA this fall, we face the reality of beginning all over next year. We must now all join together to urge the House and Senate to resolve their differences, and to ensure that they reach a bipartisan and bicameral agreement on this issue. It is essential that Congressional leaders hear from you that they need to prioritize VAWA upon their return after Labor Day.
Here is what you can do:

  1. Request a meeting with your legislator to explain why VAWA must get passed this fall before they leave DC.
  2. Request that the House and Senate work together to find a resolution, and reach a compromise that both chambers can support.
  3. Remind legislators that the reauthorization of this critical legislation cannot be a bipartisan issue.

For more information about VAWA reauthorization, please click here.
Please take action today!