I am thrilled to announce that, today, California Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 1517, an important piece of legislation that prioritizes survivors of sexual assault by establishing time-frames for law enforcement and crime laboratories to process and test rape kits. CALCASA is a proud sponsor of the legislation with Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley and Natasha’s Skinner_RapeKit_spotlightJustice Project.

The rape kit backlog is an issue of national concern and we are proud that California is taking the lead in reducing the rape kit backlog locally. AB 1517 establishes time-frames for the processing of DNA forensic evidence and uploading into the national database.
AB 1517 will provide justice to survivors, create safer communities, and convict serial rapists. This measure will prevent future backlogs by prospectively requiring that ALL rape kits be tested in a timely manner.

We applaud Governor Brown for his leadership and hope that AB 1517 can set a precedent for other states that are working to end the rape kit backlog.