Build upon and enhance the professional capacity of women of color (WOC) executive directors, senior directors and senior managers in anti-violence against women programs.



Create a community of support and professional network for emerging WOC executives and management leaders, aimed at reducing isolation, maximizing skills development, information-sharing, and communication.



Optimize the success and effectiveness of emerging WOC leaders by providing opportunities to impact spheres of influence and communities through “paying it forward”.

Our Story may sound a lot like yours

Since 1980, ValorUS (formerly the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault) has worked collectively has worked with leaders and advocates for the prevention and intervention of violence against women statewide and nationally.

When leadership emerges from within diverse communities, they are frequently met with barriers to their career growth and achievement. This in turn, impedes our ability to create approaches that benefit diverse populations with intersecting needs, and grow thriving, violence free communities.

ValorUS seeks to decrease obstacles to career advancement within this work by increasing knowledge, skills development, professional mentoring, and networks so that communities who have been historically marginalized increase the ability to be self-sustaining.