At the age of 12, Timiza was told by her teacher that she wrote too big and that she needed to fit her first and last name on what she felt was “one tiny little line.” Timiza was proud of many things—being a part of a big family from Oakland that frequently gathered to celebrate birthdays, graduations, and special occasions—but, most importantly her name, which means to “fulfill” . In that moment Timiza realized why she didn’t want to be confined and limited to just one line; her family had given her confidence to express herself and she found it stressful to conform to a limiting standard because it was the norm. She wanted to be creative, bold and expressive, three concepts that have shaped her approach to her career and community endeavors. Timiza’s 20-year career has been defined by a bold passion for access to quality education for all, self-fulfillment, and wellness, particularly for marginalized communities. Several years ago she began working with and for survivors of human trafficking at WEAVE as an anti-trafficking case manager. In this role she became a certified rape crisis and domestic violence counselor and collaborated with International Rescue Committee as part of the Greater Sacramento Partnership against Trafficking. Her bold and energetic approach was recognized, and she was quickly promoted to program manager, where she works directly with survivors and advocates. Timiza’s position gives her the freedom to be creative and innovative strategies to achieve justice for her clients and to shape norms within the Sacramento community. As a certified Facilitator and Trainer for the “Ending the Game” curriculum she works diligently to make this incredible survivor-informed curriculum accessible to survivors in Sacramento County. She is currently expanding her focus to include policy solutions to expand preventive and treatment services for impacted communities. The memorable last line of Ravi Kaur’s poem “healing is everyday work” is a mantra for Timiza. She does her healing work with the Sacramento Sister Circle—where she serves as a member of the leadership team, Black Women Organized for Political Action (BWOPA), and Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice (CSSJ) to focus on bringing community members together to organize, support and develop leadership, engage with the political process, and focus on healing, recovery and prevention of trauma. She combines boldness, creativity and innovation in developing training events and has a talent for choosing insightful themes that can be integrated into the design and decoration of an event space. Timiza is family driven, community focused, and creative. She likes to explore without boundaries that limit her progression. In serving the world with her talents, Timiza embodies her name: she is fulfilled by being faithful to her calling. And, to this day Timiza still writes big, except now she gets complements on her bold and fancy penmanship.