As the Director of Private Sector Engagement, Yvonne Chen ensures businesses and relevant stakeholders understand how human traffickers and child exploiters use business structures to exploit victims and identify, develop, and/or deploy tools and best practices to stop it. Ms. Chen brings a unique perspective having been a live-in coordinator for a residential program for those who have experienced sex trafficking. She is a fluent Mandarin speaker and national expert on working with East Asian communities trafficked in massage businesses. She also has expertise in survivor engagement, victim identification, and outreach and training.

Ms. Chen has a decade of experience providing direct services to trafficked persons. She also has trained and educated tens of thousands of community members and professionals to understand human trafficking and identify trafficked people. Prior to coming to ECPAT-USA, Ms. Chen worked as a Supervising Program Manager at another anti-trafficking agency and has experience working with different refugee populations in the United States and South Africa.