12/07/2020 10:00 - 12:00 PST


Sarah Orton (she/hers) & Jessie Towne-Cardenas (she/hers) – CALCASA


Kiara Nagel (she/hers), Yasmin Yonis (she/hers) – Interaction Institute for Social Change


Facilitative Leadership for Social Change is generally delivered as a two-day, in-person training designed to help professionals develop tools to engage adult stakeholders in social change work. Strategies include identifying systems, tools for reaching consensus, and creating clear pathways to results. Facilitative leadership encourages participants to focus on relationships and process in addition to the desired outcomes. Stakeholder engagement is at the core of successful prevention programs, particularly as school-based programs engage staff and administration in policy change and programs mobilize communities toward action inspired by a shared vision.

Additionally, our trainers recommend reading the two articles below in conjunction with the other training materials and recordings:

Learning Objectives

  • Identify tools, frameworks, and core concepts to support excellent facilitative leadership, equity, and engagement in RPE work.
  • Apply facilitative leadership frameworks for current RPE work, virtual settings, and practice using tools in a supportive environment.
  • Practice new skills in the role of practitioners, meeting facilitation, and community engagement.