Flor Gonzalez is the new Support Services Director at La Casa in Las Cruces, New Mexico where she will be working to serve victims of domestic violence and their families. Prior to taking this position she was the Prevention Education Coordinator at La Pinon Sexual Assault Recovery Services of Southern New Mexico for the last 11 years. During the time at La Pinon, Flor was a leading voice in sexual violence prevention efforts throughout the State of New Mexico.

She was involved in the development of the It Starts With Us Communications campaign from start to finish that stresses the importance of understanding that we all play a role in ending sexual violence. In 2014, Flor was selected to participate in the development of the Statewide Strategic plan for Primary Prevention of Sexual Violence and it was published in December of 2015.

Her life mission has been to end disparity against marginalized communities by working with communities of color, immigrant population, poverty, older adults, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ and working with diverse women and youth. In the 27 years that Flor has worked with these marginalized communities, she has been able to develop and implement curriculum as a tool that focuses on the importance of consent, respect, and empathy, challenging rigid gender roles and promoting social norms that protect against violence.

Along with her lifelong commitment to ending gender-based violence she has a passion for working with youth. She is in her 27th year as an assistant volleyball coach at Las Cruces High School. She uses the opportunity not only to teach the game but also to teach life skills that will forever be instilled in these youth.