Lenora has worked with victims of inter-personal violence since 2000. Currently, she is the Executive Director of New Directions Center, Inc. a non-profit community organization devoted to diminishing the occurrence and impact of emotional, physical, and sexual violence located in Staunton, VA. Lenora has traveled to various places across the Commonwealth of Virginia educating others on interpersonal violence, domestic violence and sexual assault. She has dedicated the past 17 years to working towards helping others become more aware of what domestic violence is, what it looks like and what to do if you find yourself in this situation. Domestic violence does not discriminate, it can happen to anyone. Your best defense is education. Lenora is the founder of the non-profit faith-based organization My Sister’s Keeper (MSK). MSK is a safe space where women come together and bond into a Sisterhood. Lenora’s personal motto is to strive every day to help just one person not have to live the way I did for over 10 years.