“Micaela Rios serves as a Project Manager for the National Latin@ Network, a project of Casa de Esperanza. She brings a deep commitment toward racial, economic, and gender equity, and a deep interest in promoting the interest of the Latino community in the movement to end violence.

Prior to Casa de Esperanza, Micaela worked for the Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence team for over five years in the engagement, planning, and coordination of various funded programs to implement the understanding of the intersectional systemic oppressions, the impact of societal forces on marginalized communities, and importance on centering marginalized voices and histories at the core of all efforts.

Her commitment is strengthened through her participation in organizational development, movement building and cross organization collaboration. Micaela works to develop meaningful and effective engagement and connection with the Latin@ community on a local and national level by addressing the differences, embracing diversity, and building cross-cultural understanding to challenge systems that disproportionately affect individuals who are historically marginalized by society.”