Karlah Ramirez-Tanori has spent the last 20 years working in various advocacy roles focused on increasing support for survivors of sexual violence and currently serves as the Direct Services and Prevention Director for Tahoe SAFE Alliance. Her body of work includes providing direct services to Spanish speaking and Indigenous survivors of sexual assault, creating psychoeducational art-based support groups and providing technical assistance to programs, advocates and individuals regarding the intersections of violence within Immigrant, Migrant and Refugee communities on behalf of the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs. Karlah is best known for creating community specific programs focused on decreasing cultural apprehensions to addressing the underlined causes of sexual violence. Her educational focus includes psychology, child development and Chicano studies. Additionally, Karlah’s unwavering support for her identified communities continually shows up in many social justice projects to include her support as co-writer to the 2015-2016 Washington State Latino Equity Agenda and recognition as co-developer of the Community Dialogue Series, both projects of the Latino Equity Network.