In 2022, we watched as the Supreme Court of the United States overturned the monumental Roe v. Wade. In the movement to end sexual violence, we know that this decision was made to promote a society that exerts power and control over anyone able to give birth. Doing so controls economic, political, and social freedom and mobility.

We cannot look at the lack of access to reproductive care in isolation and we cannot look at the root causes of violence in isolation.

As Election Day results settle, we need our Congress to act. We need to demand federal baseline protection for abortion access across the country.

We the people demand protections that:

  • Codify Roe
  • Stop state bans on abortion
  • Stop the government from regulating pregnancies

We are calling on organizations within and outside the anti-violence movement to join us. Sexual and domestic violence agencies, we need you. Labor Rights organizations, Immigrant Rights organizations, we need you. LGBTQ+ organizations, faith-based organizations, we need you to join us. This is about our future. Our right to choose. This is the first time in 50 years that we do not have the right to access reproductive care, and we need you to join us to demand a minimum standard protection to access reproductive care including abortion and contraception.

Use the updated toolkit below to elevate your voice and demand a minimum standard protection for abortion in the United States.

Questions about the toolkit? Reach out to Grace Glaser, Public Affairs & Policy manager, at

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