ValorUS® (VALOR) is a California-based, national organization and California’s sexual assault coalition committed to advancing equity and ending sexual violence. Since our founding in 1980, we have continued to build dynamic relationships across a diverse range of communities, institutions and systems, and mobilize our network of survivors and advocates to influence change. Through leadership, prevention, and advocacy, we are fearlessly pursuing a world free from violence where the dignity of every person is valued and respected.

VALOR logo and tagline that says, "Advancing Equity. Ending Sexual Violence."

Latest Trainings

Black and white image of lower body of four students holding laptops, notebooks, coffee and other school items. Title of event: The Rise of Sexual Choking/Strangulation: What You Must Know about Prevalence, Consent, Communication, and Safety. July 2nd, 2024, 10am - 11:30 am PDT
Black and white image of lsix students sitting in a common area on campus. Title of event Abolition as presence. Building survivor centered strategies to address campus sexual violence. June 22nd 2024. 10am to 11:30 am PDT
Black and white image of an outdoor campus walkway with trees. Title of event Title Nine Regulations Update. June 25th 2024. 10am to 11:30 am PDT

Latest News

White background with multicolored stripes down the left side. Text intersecting the stripes states, "Collective Voice. Collective Action. Collective Power." To the bottom right of the stripes, text states, "Statewide Conference 2024 Registration Now Open." VALOR logo top right.
Photo of rally crown in front of the California Capitol marching towards the Swing Space. The large poster on the bottom center-right of the photo states "CA will have blood on its hands" and is covered with red handprints and a red colored in drawing of California state.