The High Risk Sex Offender Taskforce, convened by Governor Schwarzenegger is preparing to release its recommendations related to offender supervision, re-entry and community safety. CALCASA has been working with taskforce co-chairs Assemblymen Spitzer and Bermudez, as well as Acting Secretary of the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Tilton to finalize recommendations and gather public input. While the document itself is not final (and will be shared with CALCASA’s membership when it is complete) expect the taskforce to make recommendations related to:
* Improving the clarity and precision of the definition of High Risk Sex Offender
* recommending that the CDCR use a validated risk assessment instrument when determining the risk an offender poses to the community – and conduct that assessment as early as possible to ensure that communities have time to prepare for potential releases
*recommend that sex offenders required to register under PC 290 should receive appropriate sex offender treatment while incarcerated
*communities should receive advance notice of offender placement to ensure proper communication (including victim input)
*HRSO housing should be verified as compliant with existing law. Local communities should have as much advance notice as possible so that local criminal justice agencies (law enforcement and DA’s, for example) can collaborate with CDCR to find appropriate housing.
*Sex offenders should be managed and monitored using the “containment model” which requires collaboration between supervision, polygraph processionals, treatment professionals and victim advocacy. CDCR should also investigate mechanisms to fund these services to ensure that they are available to collaborate.
* recommend that there be a viable community education program and resources to share information with the community
* recommend that there be an ongoing statewide body dedicated to addressing issues related to sex offender management (think: Sex Offender Management Board)
If you have any thoughts or questions about these issues please contact CALCASA staff –