The House Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations Subcommittee has recommended $10 million dollars of the FY 2008 Appropriations Bill to be for the Sexual Assault Services Program. The bill says the funds are to be “made available for grants to States, territories and tribal governments to provide services to adult and minor sexual assault victims, their family and household members.” The funds fall under Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act of 2005.

The committee is recommending a total of $430,000,000 to support the grants under the Violence Against Women Act (which is over $47 million from the current year and almost $60 million more than the President recommended).

Other Programs of Note: 

STOP Grants:                     $205 million
        (NIJ – R&D) ($2 million)
        (Transitional Housing) ($20 million)
Grants to Encourage Arrest                $63 million
Rural Grants                                        $40 million
Campus Grants                                   $10 million
Civil Legal Assistance                         $40 million
Engaging Men and Youth                   $10 million
Elder Abuse                                        $5 million
Female Victims with Disabilities         $8 million
Safe Havens Program                        $15 million
Training for Judicial Personnel
            (Child Abuse)              $3 million
            (Sex Offenders)                     $6 million
Prison Rape Prevention                    $25 million
Stalking Database                              $3 million

Justice for All/Victim Notification      


$12 million SAVIN program



On Monday, the full House Appropriations Committee will vote on the bill, and then it will make its way to the House floor. This is another step along the way toward final versions of the CJS Appropriations which will likely be signed by the president toward the end of the year.