The Washington Times reported that William Beebe, a convicted rapist, will be released from the Virginia Department of Corrections on September 17th.

Beebe, 42, of Las Vegas, pleaded guilty in November to one count of aggravated sexual battery for his attack on Liz Seccuro. In March, a judge ordered a 10-year prison sentence with all but 18 months suspended.

Mrs. Seccuro was shocked Tuesday when informed of Beebe's impending release from his parole officer. She said she was never given the opportunity to speak to the parole board.

"Everywhere in America I've seen, the victim has a say," Mrs. Seccuro said. "And that's the problem: Rape victims are voiceless."

Prosecutor Dave Chapman said he knew Beebe would eligible for parole but did not expect such an early release date. A release date after serving only six months in prison is surprising.

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