Wednesday, the California Assembly Appropriations Committee moved SB 153 (Migden), to the “suspense file.”

Any bill with a price tag of $150,000 or more is placed on suspense, to be heard at a later date. This keeps the docket clear for low-cost legislation to move through while giving more time to analyze the benefits of legislation with high costs.

CALCASA Public Policy readers will remember that SB 153 simply redistributes the California State Penalty Fund, salvaging $15 million from a leak created by the closure of the Driver’s Training Fund. The bill would give each rape crisis center as much as $40,000 more per year as well as increasing the funding for Victim Witness programs, Child Advocacy Centers, and a trauma recovery center.

Instead, that money has been quietly piped into the general fund for years rather than residing with victim services programs where it was statutorily designed to go.

You haven’t missed your chance to make your voice heard. PLEASE take a moment to click here  and send a letter to members of Appropriations. Urge the members of Appropriations to move SB 153 off suspense. It only takes a moment and you will be included in the long list of supporters for this vital legislation.