Earlier today, both Assemblywoman Sally Lieber and Suzanne Brown-McBride, CALCASA’s Executive Director, addressed the California District Attorney Investigators’ Association 2007 Training Conference. They spoke about two important topics: eliminating the statute of limitations on sex crimes and prosecuting the crime of human trafficking.

Assemblywoman Lieber and Brown-McBride discussed Assembly Bill 261. The bill would have eliminated the statute of limitations for serious sexual assault offenses, including rape, child molestation, continuous sexual abuse of a child, and fleeing California with the intent to avoid prosecution for sex offenses. Unfortunately, the bill died in Assembly Appropriations.
In addition, Assemblywoman Lieber and Brown-McBride provided some history on Assembly Bill 22 (2005-2006), Human Trafficking, talked about key provisions, results and feedback and plans for future legislation.
Brown-McBride mentioned that the California Alliance to Combat Trafficking and Slavery (CA ACTS) is close to wrapping up. CA ACTS is planning on releasing their final report in September 2007. The report will provide the legislature with a host of recommendations to strengthen state and local efforts to prevent trafficking, protect and assist victims of trafficking, and prosecute traffickers.
The task force was created as a result of two significant pieces of legislation related to human trafficking, AB 22 (Leiber) and SB 180 (Kuehl), both passed in 2005.
More than 300 investigators from district attorneys’ offices around California come together every two years for this 4-day conference.