As the statewide coalition of rape crisis centers in California, CALCASA has worked diligently in 2007 to advocate for legislation that addresses the many issues that arise related to sexual assault. CALCASA supports a broad range of legislation that expands or enhances sexual assault victim services and prevention activities, promotes offender accountability and improves community safety and offender management strategies. The coalition has prioritized support for proposals that are culturally appropriate, evidence based and demonstrate a commitment to appropriate evaluation.
The 2007 California legislative session held several victories for victims and survivors of sexual assault. CALCASA staff tracked more than 100 bills, and helped generate more than 3,000 letters of support to Legislators. The Coalition took an active position on dozens of bills, 7 of which were signed by Governor Schwarzenegger in the first of a two-year session. Most CALCASA-supported bills that were not signed in 2007 are being considered again during the 2008 session which reconvenes on January 7th.
In addition to this legislative work, CALCASA has also been represented on the Governor’s High Risk Sex Offender Task Force, the California Sex Offender Management Board, the California Alliance to Combat Trafficking and Slavery Task Force and was a partner in the Governor’s High Risk Sex Offender Housing summit, the largest summit of it’s kind in the Nation. All of these successes are a testament to the wonderful work being done throughout the state by advocates for sexual assault victims and survivors.
We look forward to 2008, a season of continued success for sexual assault policy in California.