The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape (PCAR) has released a new resource, Poverty and Sexual Violence: Building Prevention and Intervention Responses. There is a complex and often reciprocal relationship between poverty and sexual violence. This guide is intended to support rape crisis centers in their economic advocacy efforts at all levels of the organization, using the Spectrum of Violence Prevention as a blueprint in responding to the needs of victims, survivors, and communities. To these ends, the guide includes:

  • a definition and discussion of terms,
  • literature review,
  • discussion of the philosophical framework for economic advocacy,
  • ways to apply economic advocacy to the work,
  • tools and resources, and
  • fact sheets.

The guide has been largely shaped by the voices of Pennsylvania’s rape crisis advocate and through them, the stories and experiences of victims, survivors, and communities. We hope this guide supports the work of advocates beyond the state as well.
This guide is available on the PCAR web site under resources. If you would like more information, would like to discuss, or need assistance accessing the guide, do not hesitate to contact me (717-728-9740, ext. 115 or