CALCASA is sponsoring Senate Bill 256 (Alquist) and we need your help to pass it!
SB 256 would eliminate the statute of limitations for sexual assault. Currently, the only offenses that have no statute of limitations include crimes punishable by death, life imprisonment, imprisonment without the possibility of parole, and crimes involving the embezzlement of public money. The statute of limitations for most forms of rape however is 10 years unless DNA evidence identifies a potential defendant.
We know that sexual assault is one of the most underreported crimes and victims should not be penalized for delayed reporting. The emotional suffering does not end when the statute of limitations expires; this bill seeks to protect and vindicate those victims who do not or cannot come forward within the currently allotted time limit.
It is vital that California takes steps to encourage victims to come forward and report these violent crimes. We want to send a message to offenders that California doesn’t lose interest in these crimes or their victims.
While prompt reporting is optimal, the trauma that many victims experience as a result of their attack may make timely reporting impossible. Sexual assault claims shouldn’t be dismissed simply because of an arbitrary timeline – victims deserve a chance at receiving justice no matter when a crime occurred.
Please send a letter of support for SB 256 by clicking here.