from New 10, Sacramento
Local law enforcement agencies have joined together to launch a new Web-based program that tracks sex offenders in the Sacramento area. The program called Offender Watch tracks sex offenders in real time.

Law enforcement officers can enter a sex offender’s information into a database and then send out live email alerts to its registered users in the community.
Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Mike Jones said the program is a great way for the community to stay informed.
“It’s an additional tool for community members to further protect loved ones and friends from sex offenders in the community.”
Xzandrea Fowler of Natomas used the database to find two offenders living close to her local elementary school. “His offense is lewd acts with a child, 14 or 15 years old,” said Fowler adding she will appreciate email updates when new offenders move nearby. “People are moving in and out of your neighborhood constantly and unless you get a chance to meet them, you don’t know who your neighbor truly is.”
When an offender moves within a certain radius of a registered users address, they receive an email alert.