CBS of the Central Coast recently covered the potential impact of proposed spending cuts, by the state and federal government, on local sexual assault and domestic violence programs.
The story aired on Monday and a CBS correspondent noted that “the state is already cutting funding to these programs by 10 percent in order to balance the budget. Now, local agencies are facing even more cuts in their funding, this time, by the federal government.”
Jennifer Adams, Executive Director of the Sexual Assault Recovery and Prevention Center said:

“That’s 10 percent of our budget, on top of all of the other cuts, and as a nonprofit, we don’t have a lot of fluff in our budget.”

Congresswoman Lois Capps is an advocate of preventing these cuts and released a statement:

“I am appalled that the President would propose gutting these essential programs. These cuts would be devastating for domestic violence and sexual assaults services on the South and Central Coasts, and would harm countless women and children who are survivors of domestic violence.”