Week of May 5th
Critics call crime initiative a ploy to lure ‘ultraconservatives’ to polls
They turned up the heat on the politics of crime Wednesday over an initiative likely to appear on the November ballot aimed at gangs and guns. Opponents said the “Safe Neighborhoods” act targets African American and Latino youth and that its backers are trying to fire up “ultraconservatives” to turn out for the presidential election.
Sexual Harassment at School
More than a third of middle- and high-school students may be victims of sexual harassment by their classmates, a new report shows.
The problem of sexual harassment from peers — which can include name-calling and unwanted touching in hallways and classrooms — is often largely dismissed as normal student behavior by school officials. However, the emotional toll of sexual harassment by school kids appears to be even worse than physical bullying, according to new research published this month in the journal Sex Roles.

Alleged De Anza Party Rapists Avoid Charges

The California Department of Justice said last week that it is dropping its investigation into the alleged gang rape of a 17-year-old girl attending a De Anza College house party, in large part because witnesses were too drunk to remember what happened that night.
Satisfied Sex Worker or Domestic Trafficking Victim?
New legislation could expand the definition of trafficking to treat many sex workers as crime victims instead of criminals.
Facebook, states set bullying, predator safeguards
Facebook, the world’s second-largest social networking Web site, is adding more than 40 new safeguards to protect young users from sexual predators and cyberbullies under an agreement with officials nationwide that was announced Thursday.
Santa Monica Middle School Teacher Arrested On Molestation Charges
SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Notices to parents were to be sent out Monday with information about a veteran teacher at a Santa Monica middle school who was arrested on suspicion of molesting at least four female students in his classroom during school hours.
Ex-student says she told L.A. school official of sex with assistant principal

An 18-year-old former student at Foshay Learning Center testified Thursday that she told a school administrator that she had had a sexual relationship with an assistant principal and that the administrator had advised her to recant statements she had made to police after she expressed concern that the man could go to jail
Fresno County Supervisors Tighten Restrictions On Sex Offenders
Fresno County Supervisors have tightened up restrictions on where sex offenders can live in the Central Valley.
It’s nearly impossible for sex offenders to move to Pomona
The City Council has unanimously passed an urgency ordinance that essentially blocks additional registered sex offenders from moving into the eastern Los Angeles County community.
East County Sex Offender Problem

Some people in the East County say their town has become a dumping ground for sex offenders. Two were arrested Sunday