Week of July 7 and 14th

Budget compromise remains elusive
Ed Mendel reported earlier today that, “after seven years of deficits, lawmakers are talking about finding a way to reform a state budget that has been wallowing in borrowing and red ink for nearly all of this decade.
But they are miles apart. The political deadlock that created the deficits extends to reform: Republicans oppose tax increases, Democrats oppose spending cuts.”
DNA Clears Family in Murder of JonBenet Ramsey, DA Says
After more than a decade of whispers and suspicion, DNA tests have reportedly cleared the family of JonBenet Ramsey of involvement in the 6-year-old Colorado beauty queen’s murder in 1996.

Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement Team Grant targets sex predators

Tehama County law enforcement agencies will once again benefit from a Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement Team grant in the 2008-2009 fiscal year…
Police use the grant to be proactive in assuring compliance by Penal Code 290 sex registrants within their jurisdictions. Red Bluff Chief of Police Scott Capilla estimates there are 282 sex registrants in Tehama County and 73 more living within the Red Bluff city limits.

Is Jessica’s Law Being Enforced?

A follow-up on last night’s story about a sex offender living across the street to an elementary school. That story has lead to another investigation about where registered sex offenders are allowed to live and why. In November of 2006, California voters overwhelmingly passed Jessica’s Law

Sex offender registry to be tiered
DOVER — Gov. John Lynch has signed a bill into law reworking the state’s registration system for sex offenders, which categorizes the levels of their crimes into three different tiers.
The law, which made its way through the Legislature as House Bill 1640, takes effect on Jan. 1 and breaks offenders into three different categories.