Rocklin Today, reported over the weekend that the “UC Davis Children’s Hospital Child and Adolescent Abuse Resources and Evaluation Diagnostic and Treatment (CAARE) Center has won a prestigious FREDDIE international health care media award for its video Compassionate Care: An Overview of the Sexual Assault Clinical Forensic Medical Exam.”

“Compassionate Care” presents a complete overview of the forensic medical evidentiary examination for a sexual assault victim, conducted according to the State of California protocol. In the hour-long video, the viewer follows a young woman, portrayed by actress Hope Wells, from the time of her assault and report to law enforcement to her referral to a sexual assault forensic examiner.
The forensic examiner in the film is UC Davis Medical Center nurse practitioner Leslie Schmidt, who has conducted over 1,000 forensic medical exams as a member of the UC Davis sexual assault forensic examiner team. Schmidt takes the victim and the viewer through each step of the exam, beginning with the patient/victim’s consent, and continuing through the forensic interview, evidence collection and packaging, the cervical examination, documentation of findings and pregnancy prophylaxis.

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