Miri Joo reported earlier this week that Gov. Jim Doyle, of Wisconsin, is considering changing sex offender monitoring laws to save the state money.

Although Wisconsin has been electronically monitoring the worst sex offenders after their release from prison since January 2008, a proposal by Gov. Jim Doyle could change the current system…
…Current law does not allow offenders being tracked actively to switch to passive tracking. Under Doyle’s proposal, however, the Department of Corrections would be given the option to switch an offender once they are on active tracking for at least 12 months. The switch would also depend on level of risk the offender poses to his community, according to Rachel Krueger, spokesperson for the DOC.
Krueger added that although the proposal will likely save the state money, since the switch from active to passive tracking would be made on a case by case basis, there is no way to determine exactly how much the DOC would save.

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