Below is a small round-up of stories about yesterday’s Special Election:
California voters kill budget measures — California voters delivered a potent defeat Tuesday to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Capitol lawmakers, dismissing a slate of ballot measures championed as the best way to address the state’s latest deficit crisis. Eric Bailey in the Los Angeles Times — 5/20/09

California Voters Reject Measures to Keep State Solvent — The results dealt a severe setback to the state’s fragile fiscal structure and to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the state legislators who cobbled together the measures as part of a last-minute budget deal passed in February. JENNIFER STEINHAUER in the New York Times — 5/20/09
California Voters Reject Budget Measures — Californians on Tuesday rejected a series of ballot initiatives to help fix the state’s massive budget shortfall, as authorities prepared deep spending cuts in anticipation of the measures’ defeat. JIM CARLTON and STU WOO in the Wall Street Journal — 5/20/09

Walters: Angry voters whack budget, politicians — Schwarzenegger’s 11th hour prediction of fiscal calamity failed to sway voters and an odd-bedfellows alliance of right- and left-wing opponents, although heavily outspent by the governor and his allies, dominated a low-turnout special election. Dan Walters in the Sacramento Bee — 5/20/09
California voters exercise their power — and that’s the problem — Residents relish their role in the lawmaking process, but they share the blame for the state’s severe dysfunction. Michael Finnegan in the Los Angeles Times — 5/20/09