Earlier this morning, a variety of news outlets reported that the “California Senate failed to break the budget deadlock.”
Last night, the Senate voted along party lines and rejected three bills designed to save over $5 billion. The Associated Press reported that the “measure fell two votes short of the two-thirds majorities needed to send them to the governor’s desk.” Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said he would not sign any bill short of a complete solution to the deficit.
Below is a round-up of stories relating to the California budget:
California Senate fails to break budget deadlock — The California Senate has shut down for the night after failing to approve a stopgap plan to stave off the need for IOUs and ease the state’s $24.3 billion budget deficit. JUDY LIN AP — 7/1/09
11th-hour votes on state budget fail — The state Senate adjourns after the fiscal year ends without a deal that would have staved off IOUs. Shane Goldmacher and Michael Rothfeld in the Los Angeles Times — 7/1/09
Governor, lawmakers blow deadline as budget hole deepens — California is on the brink of issuing IOUs and state workers will take a third unpaid furlough day in July after Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and state lawmakers failed to strike a budget compromise late Tuesday. Kevin Yamamura, Steve Wiegand and Jim Sanders in the Sacramento Bee — 7/1/09
Senate fails to bridge budget gap — The state Senate rejected three bills that would have lessened the state’s immediate cash crush by billions of dollars in a surreal late-night session in which a packed Senate chamber quietly counted down the minutes to the new fiscal year, as Senate leader Darrell Steinberg’s efforts to cajole Republicans came up empty. Anthony York in Capitol Weekly — 7/1/09