CALCASA ED Joins Council of State Governments Justice Center
A group of state and local leaders from across the nation?including respected state lawmakers and gubernatorial appointees who direct large state agencies, state supreme court chief justices and other court officials, and law enforcement executives and prosecutors met in Burlington, Vt., this week to discuss critical criminal justice policies.
Huffington Post: “Despite Promises, Some Rape Victims Stuck Paying Exam Bills
Earlier this week, the Huffington Post, posted a story about rape victims who have been required to pay for evidence collection.

Editorial: Faces behind the numbers
Earlier this week, the Ventura Country Star posted an editorial about the recent domestic violence program funding cuts.
CA Prisons Must Cut Inmate Population
Earlier today, “a panel of federal judges ordered the California prison system on Tuesday to reduce its inmate population of 150,000 by 40,000 — roughly 27 percent — within two years. The judges said that reducing prison crowding in California was the only way to change what they called an unconstitutional prison health care system that causes one unnecessary death a week.”