The California Coalition Against Sexual Assault is pleased to be blogging about efforts to end sexual violence. CALCASA’s Prevention staff, David Lee and Chad Sniffen, will be writing on prevention topics, sharing updates and resources.
The subjects will include public health’s contribution to preventing sexual violence, transforming male gender socialization to prevent violence against women, the role of media and culture and how new online technology can support our work.
CALCASA’s major prevention projects are:

  • Prevention Connection, a national online community of practitioners, researchers and funders to advance primary prevention of violence against women. We will share information about web conferences, podcasts, wiki, online presentations and more;
  • Technical Assistance and Training to California’s Rape Prevention and Education (RPE) Program and;
  • MyStrength, California’s comprehensive social marketing campaign to engage young men to stand yup and speak out against sexual violence.

In addition, we provide training and consulting about prevention throughout the country. As we attend conferences and meetings throughout the country we will share the insights we are learning and alert you to new ideas about prevention issues.
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