Recently, we had our first Anti-Oppression Institute in San Francisco, CA for Executive Directors and Key Managers at rape crisis centers. The Anti-Oppression Institute was facilitated by the Dismantling Oppressions Work Group (or the DOWG group), made up of some of CALCASA’s Leadership (i.e. Council and Board Members).
The DOWG group was born from a group of advocates in the movement who saw a need for more open dialogue about issues of anti-oppression and wanted to create safe spaces where rape crisis center staff could discuss and support each other’s work in the movement. The DOWG group began facilitating workshops during previous CALCASA Annual Leadership Conference where they experienced a high number of rape crisis center staff who were interested in being a part of these conversations. Due to its popularity, the DOWG group and CALCASA decided that these Institutes needed their own space, and a lot more time so the Anti-Oppression Institutes were born!
We successfully completed our first, in two, Anti-Oppression Institutes on August 3-4, 2009. Did you miss out on this one? Well, no worries, you have one more opportunity to be a part of these Institutes on:

  • September 16-17, 2009 in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Limited $400 travel stipends are available to participants so register early!

To register, please click here.