Suzanne Brown-McBride is the Executive Director of CALCASA as well as the chair of California’s Sex Offender Management Board. Brown-McBride was recently interviewed for a story about GPS monitoring devices as a strategy to reduce prison overcrowding. She said:

“GPS tells us where offenders are, but it doesn’t tell us what they are doing…A sex offender can invite a neighbor child into their home, so simply knowing where they are isn’t enough. You would also want to know what they were up to and what they were doing,” Brown-McBride said.
She added that GPS doesn’t tell officers who the subject is associating with or if there are weapons, drugs or alcohol present. And there are lingering technical concerns. A lost signal in certain buildings or dead spots can trigger a false alarm.
Brown-McBride says GPS can be a very help tool in an arsenal that includes traditional parole and probation techniques.

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