As requested, CALCASA’s 2009 Leadership Conference provided space for advocates to meet and network during the Position Specific Forums. The Crisis Intervention Forum was well attended by both new and seasoned advocates in the field.  Advocates got acquainted by introducing themselves and sharing how it is that they relieve stress and take care of themselves.  Advocates shared ideas ranging from shopping to dog walking and dancing!
The forum provided some space for advocates to share and discuss topics ranging from working with Law Enforcement and College Campuses to Boundaries and Self Care. Advocates shared experiences as well as suggestions and “what’s worked” at their individual agencies.  Participants also shared some of what their individual agencies are doing and any new and positive things that have come about at their agencies.
Thank you to all the advocates who attended and shared with the group.  We hope this time to network provided you with some new ideas as well as gave you the opportunity to meet advocates from your sister agencies around the State.