These days  when you read a newspaper or magazine article on compassbusiness; it refers to how crucial it is to have good leadership and management of a organization or business during this time of economic uncertainty.
While this is true, it is an excellent protocol to have a solid and accurate understanding of the principles and practices of good management and leadership for all seasons.  When your organization has sound practices and principles regarding management and leadership, it will improve your chances to sustain and or prosper through what ever economic climate comes over the horizon.
Preparation, planning and implementation of good management and leadership principles can be beneficial to the organization’s Board of Directors, staff and volunteers; in addition to ultimately allowing the agency to better address the needs of their clients.
I have attached two documents regarding management and leadership concepts that were distributed during the Management Track at the CALCASA Statewide Leadership Conference “Ending Sexual Violence 2.0 – The Future is Connected”.  If you need additional resources or technical assistance on this topic, please contact Kavin Black, Organizational Services Coordinator at CALCASA.
Management Handbook
Leadership vs Management