Legal Advocacy Training - CHico, CA

Anya Lakner talks about Survivor's Employment Rights

CALCASA and the Legal Aide Society- Employment Law Center of San Francisco (LAS-ELC) successfully completed the second, in a series of three, trainings in Chico, CA. As I shared briefly in a previous post, the ELC has been facilitating trainings for advocates throughout the State about Project SURVIVE (Surviving Violence and Increasing Viable Employment), which focuses on both State and Federal Employment Rights and Protections for Survivors of Sexual Assault. About 20 advocates from various Rape Crisis Centers and Tribal Agencies convened in Chico, CA to discuss and learn information that can be helpful as they work with Survivors of Sexual Assault. Some of the information Anya Lakner and Claudia Center, project attorney’s at the Employment Law Center of San Francisco, shared included:

Anya and Claudia also reminded participants that currently, employers are not required by law to inform employees about these specific protections. This is important to remember because it gives advocates the opportunity to educate survivors about their employment rights so that survivors can make informed choices. The LAS-ELC also provides free legal help and referral services to survivors.  To find more information, and fact sheets in other languages, or to receive technical assistance contact the Legal Aide Society-Employment Law Center of San Francisco.