EmergPIf a natural disaster or emergency occurred which temporarily disrupted or closed your organization, does your agency have a disaster protocol?  Does your staff know what the disaster protocol is?  Are there key things you should be doing regardless of the type of emergency.  Natural disasters and emergencies are unplanned but it does not mean you have to be unprepared.
California is all too familiar with natural disasters such as wild fires, flooding, winter storms, and earthquakes.  The Small Business Administration states ” 25% of businesses do not recover after a devastating natural disaster.”  Planning for disasters and emergencies in advance, keeping plans updated and getting everyone familiar with the information can help ensure the survival and recovery of the nonprofit agency to be there for survivors and the community.  Below are several resources with items such as emergency plan templates, guides and protocols for specific disasters.
CalEMA Preparedness Branch
CalEMA Plans & Publications
FEMA Emergency Management Guide for Businesses
CDC- Emergency Preparedness and Response