A few days ago a young woman was beaten and gang raped by a group of young men outside of a Homecoming Dance at Richmond High School.  Reports state that:

…as many as 10 people ranging from 15 years to mid-20’s attacked the girl for more than two hours in a dimly lit area. As many as two dozen people witnessed the rape without notifying police.

What messages have youth received that have allowed them to stand by, or simply walk by, as a woman is beaten and gang raped?  Has violence become so normal that watching it happen no longer elicits a response to intervene?
This is a very good example as to why Bystander Intervention is a crucial element of Prevention and Intervention work at schools and communities altogether.  Many Rape Crisis Centers currently provide such workshops for schools, community members, and college and university campuses.  Contact your local Rape Crisis Center for  more information. You can access a list of Rape Crisis Centers by County here.
For more information on Bystander Intervention, here are some recources that may be useful to you:
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