Special Report: CDCR’s Supervision of Parolee Phillip Garrido
The San Francisco Chronicle reported that state parole “agents fell down on the job again and again during the 10 years they supervised sex offender Phillip Craig Garrido.”
California Supreme Court Reviews Jessica’s Law
The Associated Press reported earlier this week that the California Supreme Court heard arguments challenging a key section of Jessica’s Law.
Bystander Mentality
The Richmond community is reeling from the gang rape of a 15 year old girl. Many bystanders watched, and didn’t intervene in the brutal crime. We talk about what the community and police are doing in response, and we discuss bystander mentality. What makes people stand idly by when atrocities are committed?
Sex Offender GPS: A Tool, Not a Solution
SACRAMENTO, CA – All 6,782 sex offenders currently on parole in California are being monitored by GPS.  But the case involving Phillip Garrido shows the system is far from foolproof.
“We’ve never claimed (GPS) is going to end all problems with tracking sex offenders,” said Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation spokesman Gordon Hinkle.  “That’s not how the department looks at its use.”