CDC Awards Vital Prevention Funding to National Sexual Violence Resource Center
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently awarded the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape $1.5 million dollars per year for three years to continue funding its National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC).
The CDC has funded the NSVRC since 2000 to serve as the nation’s principle center for communicating, organizing, creating, and sharing information and resources about all forms of sexual violence and its prevention.
Possible Change to California Witness Law
The Sherrice Iverson Child Victim Protection Act requires “that witnesses report a serious crime against anyone 14-years-old and younger.” But the law does not apply in the Richmond case because the victim is 16.
Budget Deficit Predicted for California
California needs $20.7 billion to balance the next budget, according to a forecast issued by the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office.
Kevin Yamamura reported said, “state leaders won’t be able to reap savings from some of the state’s largest spending categories.
City Changes Rape Kit Testing Policy
Laura Strickler reported earlier this week about a city that has changed it’s rape kit testing policy in response to a CBS News investigation. The investigation “found 20,000 untested kits nationwide.”
RSS in Plain English
CALCASA has an exciting tool that we want you to know about: RSS.
Wherever you see the icon with broadcast bars, you’ll know that there is an RSS feed waiting for you to subscribe to. That means you’ll be able to get the latest CALCASA headlines, read the newest posts and stay up to date all in one place.