imagesSome people have a fear of public speaking, others fear snakes , some are apprehensive about traveling in an airplane; but for the board member the greatest fear of them all may be fundraising.  Not so much a fear of asking someone or a foundation for a gift but not knowing how to effectively fund raise.  How is fundraising accomplished by your board?  Is it assigned to a subcommittee of the board or does the entire board take an active role in fundraising?  Does your board have a fund development plan or strategy or do you just fund raise when the Executive Director informs you that a program has to end  or the agency cannot make payroll next month?
Looking at what policies and procedures are in place at your agency regarding fundraising can help you identify why your agency is or is not successful at fundraising.   Fundraising should not be done in isolation or independent of the rest of the agency.  Identifying what resources are needed now and in the future can go a long way in helping you determine a fund development plan.  Providing board members with the tools to be more effective fundraisers as well as talking about fundraising and its relation to the agency and survivors in the community can help change the climate of the board of directors regarding fund development.  Fundraising is not all that a board does, but it require some attention if the board is to be successful in furthering the mission of the agency.
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