Schwarzenegger sets the bar high for his last year in office
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger made it sound easy to fix California when he first ran for governor, but his last six years have proved otherwise.
He took office in 2003 on a promise to “end the crazy deficit spending” and change state government as we knew it.
As Schwarzenegger enters his final year in office, however, California faces massive fiscal problems, while advocates of government reform say a constitutional convention, not an ambitious chief executive, is the best cure for the state’s woes.
California Legislature reconvenes
Both houses of the Legislature reconvene today, and hearings begin anew.

New peril in war zones
BAGHDAD – Capt. Margaret H. White began a relationship with a warrant officer while both were training to be deployed to Iraq. By the time they arrived this year at Camp Taji, north of here, she felt what she called “creepy vibes” and tried to break it off.
Perverting justice
Jessica’s Law prevents paroled sex offenders from residing near schools or parks. That means they can only live one place in S.F.: on the streets.