John Simerman reported earlier this week that “less than a year after state corrections officials tightened a $22 million spigot of free apartments and motel rooms for paroled sex offenders, the number of parolees who say they are homeless has nearly doubled, adding fuel for critics who say the tight living restrictions under Jessica’s Law threaten public safety more than bolster it.”
Robert Coombs, the Director of Public Affairs, at CALCASA was interviewed for the story and said:

We’re finally at a point where we just have to acknowledge this is actually a problem, and it’s not one for lack of trying. It’s actually a public safety issue..
I don’t care if these guys have a nice lifestyle. But if you look at the research, it actually says if you reduce their stability you increase the risk of re-offense. I think we’ll start to see there really is that link. The way we find that out is through more victims.

A number of officials were interviewed for the story, including Senator George Runner and CDCR Undersecretary Scott Kernan.